Scrink became my handle 16 years ago. It is a combination word made up of Tink and Scrappy.

I’m “nerdish by nature” and love learning about everything. So…in that vein, you’ll find pretty much anything on my site. If you want me to read, listen, watch and share something of yours, just let me know.

My name is Christy Mannering. I was born in 1981.

About me…? I’m beginning to see the light. I’m a believer. I’m not afraid of anything. I lied. I’m afraid of snakes. I’m on to you. I’m only happy when it rains. I’m walking on sunshine. I’m still standing. I am a rock. I’m like a bird. I’m no angel. I am the walrus. I’m easy, like Sunday morning. I’m just a singer in a rock & roll band. I’m gonna be starting something. Mad hatter or maybe Alice. Off with your head! I am not as strong as you think. I’m a brown-eyed girl. I’m finding beauty in hidden places. I am my mother’s daughter. I am my Dad’s Cinderella. I am totally in love with my two boys and a spirited girl. I am what I am.

Where to find me?