Megan Fox delivered Diablo IV eulogies and they went viral

Megan Fox reads Diablo IV eulogies for players as part of Blizzard's latest marketing gimmick.CREDIT: BLIZZARD

Once again, I am late to the gaming party. While I’m familiar with the Diablo franchise, I’ve not played it and don’t pay much attention to it. Then I saw Megan Fox collaborate with gaming publisher Blizzard to offer eulogies of players who died in the latest popular action roleplaying installment.

Why do I care about Megan Fox? I mean, she’s hot. I’m a heterosexual single white female, and I’m pretty sure I’d make out with Megan Fox if given the chance. To see her all scantily clad telling off people in a video game was just too much for me not to want to learn more.

Players were tasked with posting their in-game deaths to Twitter using the hashtag #DiabloDeaths, and Blizzard would then post a video of Megan Fox reading a eulogy for the character in a video tweet, wearing a skimpy outfit and holding various dungeon-delving props like swords and axes. The videos were posted on June 8, 2023, and can be found on YouTube. The only thing I wish had happened differently would be that they have used a different platform instead of Twitter. But I digress.


Diablo 4 is all about killing enemies to get loot. Many types of loot exist, including armor, weapons, amulets, rings, and more. You can salvage surplus gear and swap weapons as needed. There are five different classes: Barbarian, Necromancer, Druid, Rogue, and Sorcerer. I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear that Megan said she is martial to Necromancer. You don’t find her playing the game though, she doesn’t even own a computer. Oh, Megan, you’re so hot, yet you shot me through the heart with that comment! How do you not own a computer? I mean I guess maybe she doesn’t have any free time, so what would she do with a computer? But still.

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