Meta Threads

Meta Threads

Meta Threads is a new social messaging app that allows users to post short messages that others can like, share, and comment upon.

Essentially, this is the platform that will be competing against Twitter.

I downloaded the Threads app on my phone after furiously trying to find it in a web browser on my computer. I am frustrated that I had to download an app and sign up inside the app. Then it asked me if I wanted to import things from Instagram, like my bio, photo and links. I said, ok, that’s easy enough. Then it asked me if I want to follow the same people who I follow on Instagram, so I said yes. However, right now, most people are either not using Threads yet, OR their profiles are private because I have a LONG list of names that say “Confirm” and “Hide.” When I tap “Confirm,” it says I have requested to follow that person. I assume it will alert that person and ask them to download the Threads app. I do not like that and will not be clicking to confirm any other account.

So will Threads take off?


Meta Threads screenshot
Meta Threads screenshot

Well, Politico claims there were more than 10 million sign-ups in just seven hours.

Here are some key features of Meta Threads:

  • Text-based: Posts can be up to 500 characters long and include links, photos, and videos up to 5 minutes.
  • Clean interface: Threads boasts a simple, clean interface, emphasizing sharing text and simple photos.
  • Owned by Meta: Meta is the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, and Threads is their new “conversation” app that appears to be the firm’s long-awaited counterpart to Twitter
  • Privacy concerns: A privacy policy in the app store indicated that Threads may collect data from users related to several categories, including health and fitness, financial information, contact information, search history, and purchases, among others.

The little icon at the top of the app looks like the @ symbol to me, which doesn’t make sense. Right now my screen has a black @ symbol at the top and is then just blank. I find this confusing.

Meta Threads is a direct competitor to Twitter, and it has been described as a cleaner, friendlier version of the platform.

I am not a fan of Elon Musk by any stretch of the imagination and I would be more than happy to delete my Twitter account in favor of something better and less connected to anything Musk related. However, Meta Thread needs a little more time and a lot more finessing of their privacy policy.

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