Christine and the Queens’ new music video

Christine and the Queens' Vevo Music Video

Christine and the Queens’ is the stage name of Héloïse Letissier, a French singer, songwriter, and producer. Her music blends pop, electronic, and synth-pop, characterized by introspective lyrics, catchy melodies, and innovative production.

Today, Vevo, the world’s leading music video network, announced the release of Christine and the Queens’ live performance of “Angels Crying in My Bed.” This new track features Madonna and is from their new album, PARANOÏA, ANGELS, TRUE LOVE. Inspired by Tony Kushner’s iconic play, Angels in America. It has an ethereal, haunting quality that, admittedly, put me on edge in the closing seconds. That aside, many thanks to Big Hassle Vevo for sharing!

Past albums

Christine and the Queens’ gained international recognition with her debut album, “Chaleur humaine” (English: “Human Warmth”), released in 2014. The album spawned several hit singles, including “Tilted” (also known as “Christine” in its French version), which became a chart-topper in France and garnered attention globally.

Letissier’s music often explores themes of identity, gender, and sexuality, drawing from her experiences as a queer woman. She has been praised for her honest and vulnerable lyrics, which touch on personal struggles, empowerment, and self-discovery. Letissier’s performances are known for their expressive choreography and theatrical elements, often blurring the lines between music, dance, and performance art.

In 2018, Christine and the Queens’ released her second album, “Chris,” which further solidified her artistic presence. The album showcased a more confident and assertive sound, delving into themes of desire, self-acceptance, and gender fluidity. Tracks like “Girlfriend” and “Doesn’t Matter” received critical acclaim and added to Letissier’s growing international fanbase.

Beyond her music

Beyond her music, Christine and the Queens’ is also known for her bold androgynous fashion sense, often challenging gender norms and expectations. She has become an influential figure in the LGBTQ+ community, using her platform to advocate for inclusivity and self-expression.

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