The Dogs of Doubt from Looms

Looms band photo looking through leaves

Looms, the Brooklyn-based indie-rock quintet, has recently released its new EP, The Dogs of Doubt. The four-track offering is immersive, impressive, superb, striking, rich, and rewarding. The EP is a dreamy and dynamic collection of songs that showcase the band’s unique sound and style. The Dogs of Doubt is the follow-up to Looms’ previous single, “The Water,” which was released earlier this year.

The indie rock scene has a rich history, with many influential bands and artists emerging over the years. From Nirvana to Radiohead, the 1990s saw the rise of many iconic acts that helped shape the genre. In recent years, indie rock has continued to evolve and grow, with new bands like Looms bringing their own unique sound to the scene.

Looms’ new EP is a testament to the band’s talent and creativity. The Dogs of Doubt features four tracks that showcase the band’s dreamy and dynamic sound. The lyrics of the EP are written by Sharif Mekawy, the band’s singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. The EP is a mix of upbeat and introspective songs that explore themes of doubt, uncertainty, and self-discovery. The band’s unique sound is a blend of indie rock, dream pop, and shoegaze, with lush instrumentation and soaring vocals.

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