Feminist-friendly horror movies

McKenna Grace Ghostbusters Afterlife

Is there such a thing as feminist-friendly horror movies? Bust.com says there are and has an article that lists 28 different movies that they consider to be feminist-friendly.

And what does feminist-friendly mean? Does the villain need to be a woman? Does a woman need to murder men? Is that what we consider “friendly” perhaps so in horror flicks, but I don’t feel good about it.

Maybe what I want to see a female chief of police who kicks ass bringing down a villain. I don’t care what the villain’s gender is or what gender the kill is. I’m talking about a strong female lead. Like one of the females written into Claudia Hall Christian’s books. Let’s turn her book, Suffer a Witch, into a horror movie and I’ll stand behind it being feminist-friendly.

Ghostbusters Afterlife, I know it’s not a horror, but the movie features McKenna Grace as Phoebe and I could not love her more. To me, that is definitely a feminist-friendly movie. She embraces her history, she embraces being incredibly intelligent, she doesn’t sit around in a classroom trying to fit in and she basically kicks ass because of those traits. Additionally, Grace sings the song in the end credits, she kills it on and off screen! Honestly, this is the type of movie I want my daughter to watch and feel good about. I don’t want her to see a young woman killing men out of revenge, that’s not feminism, and that’s not strength. To me when you act like that you’re giving the other person power.

Bust.com lists out a bunch of horror movies that are stellar flicks, they definitely have amazing actresses but what makes them feminist-friendly? That’s my question.

Check out the list and let me know what you think!

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