Up All Night: A Horror Anthology Podcast

Up All Night: A Horror Anthology Podcast

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“Up All Night: A Horror Anthology Podcast” is a podcast hosted by Courtland and Brandon, two best friends who watch and discuss horror anthology TV shows together. “I, among other listeners, have praised their great dynamic and wonderfully hilarious way of storytelling. In fact, I love the podcast so much that I support the duo on Patreon.

They started with “Are You Afraid of the Dark” and “Goosebumps” and moved on to “Tales from the Crypt.” The podcast covers every episode from every horror anthology they can get their hands on. The show has received positive reviews for its nostalgic and comedic insights into the world of horror anthology TV shows. You can listen to the podcast on platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and RadioPublic.

My favorite episodes are about the show “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” which is a show from my childhood that I watched every Saturday night on Nickelodeon. They talk about every detail of the show and include little clips. When watching these episodes as adults, you realize how cheesy most of them are, even if they creeped you out as a tween. That’s what makes it awesome!

They also watched and talked about the new mini-series-eqsue version of AYOTD, like “Ghost Island” that aired last summer. There have been three seasons of the new series, which really does function like three separate mini-series. I remember watching the new rendition with my kids and feeling like they were decidedly more creepy than the old ones I grew up with. I also remember thinking I couldn’t wait to hear what Brandon and Courtland would say!

I love listening to Courtland and Brandon. They are hilarious! I mentioned that I support the podcast via Patreon. All money raised by their Patreon goes right back into their show to help fund things like upgraded audio equipment and seasonal giveaways! Perks to being a Patreon member include access to bonus video episodes, behind-the-scenes editing videos, black-and-white artwork commissioned by Brandon and even Christmas cards!

If you’re interested in rehashing old horror anthology shows, please check out the Up All Night: A Horror Anthology Podcast. I know you’ll love it! There are linked listening options above, including Spotify, Apple and RadioPublic.

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